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About Us

Broch Evans Motorsport was founded in 2020 by my father and I to improve racecraft, offer positive driver development, and to innovate, contribute, and give back to the community in open-wheel road racing.

Broch Evans

Racing open wheel at a professional level has been my dream since before I could form sentences. I started racing with my father back in 2004, when I was three: it was something we could bond over and something that I loved.


Over my development as a karting driver, I received rookie of the year, two championship wins, a second place regionals championship, and a top ten finish in the SKUSA Super Nationals. Since then, my efforts and focus have turned to open wheel road racing.


The 2020 season went really well: we qualified in the top three at each event entered and secured 10 podiums in 13 starts, winning the SCCA US Majors Tour Southern Conference Championship, FX-class.

In 2021 we brought our electric Formula car to the test track, and in 2022 competed in the SCCA Tire Rack Solo Nationals. 

In 2023 we are racing Formula X, with wins in the Hoosier Super Tour and the SCCA US Majors.

I’m looking forward to developing as a driver in ways beneficial to my engineer and team over this year!


Dave Evans

I've been involved with racing for almost 20 years, first as a driver and then as engineer and support crew. 


I started in Shifter Karts, racing at Hill Country Kart Club. As my son Broch progressed up through racing classes I chose to dedicate my participation full-time to helping him. That meant I got to dig into the motor and chassis, all aspects of tuning, and racing strategy. And I loved it. I was hooked as a builder.

In 2020 we turned our focus to Formula Mazda. With the incredible support of the manufacturer and staff at Formula Mazda and Driveway Austin, I've had the good fortune to take two cars down to the chassis and completely rebuild them--chassis, suspension, chassis electrical, gearbox, brakes--and it's just fueled my passion for racing.

With an SCCA Majors Tour championship win, top qualifying wet and dry all year, and a "bucket list"
race win at Circuit of the Americas  the absolute thrill of big-bore open-wheel fomula car racing has me super excited about what we are building at Broch Evans Motorsport.

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