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Formula Mazda

The natural step from karts to open-wheel cars 

We've been racing for 17 years: from age 3 in Kid Kart to Yamaha Junior to Shifters, locally, regionally, and nationally. Broch first stepped into Formula Mazda at age 15 for quick test, and knew right away that this was a great next step. Three years later we purchased two FMs and set about prepping one of them for the 2020 SCCA US Majors Tour. Stripping the cars to the chassis, we cleaned, replaced, and documented, taking our #20 car to the track in January of 2020.

Winning our conference championship wasn't our goal, though by mid-season we realized we had a shot to do just that. And we did. 

Looking back on 2020 and the Formula Mazda, it was a great step. The FM is an inherently accessible transition car for anyone looking to move from karts to cars, with the benefit of a relatively simple operation. The chassis is tunable and well-documented, giving the tuner a path into more advanced setups. The driving experience begins with a manual "H" pattern rather than assisted-sequential, so the driver learns to shift, to pilot the car, and to develop an internal knowledge of how to drive a proper racing line.

If you're considering a move from karts to cars, check out the Formula Mazda, whether the classic FM or the all-new, redesigned FMZR. And find your path into open-wheel racing a top levels. 

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