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Electric Racing

A next-generation race car for everyone.

Following our conference championship win in 2020, the question we of course asked was "What's next?" And the answer was clear: electric racing.  Read more about what we did in this PRI article.

We love ICE motors, from the sounds and smells to the ride up that steep torque curve. But we also realized that for a lot of potential racers some of those qualities presented a challenge. Looking at the revolution underway now in electric vehicles we thought "why not build an open-wheel electric formula car that anyone could drive?" And since we happened to have a spare chassis....

We went to work. Drawing on the experience of others, we designed a car around the Formula Mazda chassis, mating a Nissan Leaf motor to the Hewland gearbox. Using CAD, Broch designed and fabbed the motor adapter, battery trays, and various mounts. One of more challenging aspects of formula racing is working within a tight spec: we needed to pack enough power into the car, so we used every available cubic inch of open space.


On January 9th, 2022 we launched it! Making it's debut at Harris Hill Raceway outside Austin, TX, the car performed perfectly. Our new #21 electric, powered by a Generation 2 Nissan Leaf motor, passed all design tests, easily accelerating from 0-100 mph without a gear shift. We're super excited about taking this car forward.

Step into the future of racing and join us.

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